Dr Mostafa al-Badawi Talk on Sufism

On either Sunday 29th of December, we will be honoured by a talk by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi on Sufism. The location is in Masr al-Qadima.

Dr Mostafa al-Badawi will give a discourse on tasawwuf/Sufism, based on his decades of studying the turath/tradition, with luminaries including his shaykh, al-Habib `Ahmad Mashhur b. Taha al-Haddad, the great scholar of the Yemen. Dr Mostafa is one of the world’s premier translators of Islamic spiritual texts. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He studied under many shaykhs, foremost among whom is the late Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad.

His other translations include: Book of Assistance, The Lives of Man, Two Treatises, The Prophetic Invocations, and Degrees of the Soul. He is also the author of Man and the Universe: An Islamic Perspective, recently published. He resides in Madinah.

The Shaykh of Dr Mostafa, Al-Habib `Ahmad, spent many years in East Africa as a summoner to Allah, and then towards the end of his life, split his time between Mombassa and Jeddah, before he passed away in 1995. The funeral prayer was performed over him first in Jeddah and was led by the shaykh of our shaykhs, Sayyid Muhammad `Alawi al-Maliki, in the presence of great shaykh al-Habib `Abd al-Qadir al-Saqqaf. It was then performed again in the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah before he was placed in the blessed earth of the `Alawi enclosure in the Ma`la cemetery.

On the day of the event, we will pray salat al- Isha at the mosque, and then following that, we will proceed to the lecture room. There will be an opportunity for men and women to ask questions. Such an opportunity to engage with the likes of Dr Mostafa al-Badawi is rare indeed, and all are well advised to come with a large niyya/intention.

Owing to limited space, we ask that you not advertise the talk and the location. Dr Hisham A. Hellyer, senior scholar of the Zawiya Institute (South Africa) and professorial fellow of the Cambridge Muslim College (UK) will moderate the session.



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