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Hopefully, you are all well. The third anniversary of Egypt’s revolutionary uprising has coming upon us – you may find the below recent analysis and commentary in CNN, Al-Monitor, Al-Arabiya, the National, and Mada Masr useful. Comments and feedback as always are appreciated. Ordinarily, you would not receive an email within two weeks of the last one – this more frequent mailing is owing to the anniversary.

Egypt’s revolution on the margins (CNN)
Sisi presidency no answer for Egypt’s troubles (Al-Monitor)
Faking Egypt’s past: the Brotherhood and Jan.25 (Al-Arabiya)
Dogged Determination: a more sober Jan25 (Daily News Egypt)
Why Egypt couldn’t build on spirit of revolution (The National)
Speaking Truth to Power: Part 1 (Mada Masr)
Three years later, new red lines to cross in Egypt (Al-Arabiya)

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