On the Idea of European Islam: Voices of Perpetual Modernity [LUISS]

July 6, 2013

Bassam Tibi –

Political Justifications for Euro-Islam. Islam’s Predicament with Modernity. Cultural Modernity for Religious Reform and Cultural Change: towards Euro –Islam. Tariq Ramadan – Theologico-Political Justifications for European Islam. Renewing the Islamic Sources of Law: from Adaptation to Transformation. European Islam within Radical Reform. Tareq Oubrou and Abdennour Bidar – Theologico-Philosophic Justifications for European Islam. Tareq Oubrou: Geotheology and the Minoriticization of Islam. Abdennour Bidar: from Self Islam to Overcoming Religion. European Islam in Context: Renewal for Perpetual Modernity. European Islam and the Islamic Tradition: Revisionist-Reformist. Conceptualizing the Idea of European Islam: Overcoming Classical.

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