Three Years After Mubarak – Analysis Pieces


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Hopefully, you are all well. Three years ago today, Hosni Mubarak was forced from power, and Egypt’s revolution entered its first stage. You may find the below recent analysis and commentary in CNN,, Daily News Egypt, Al-Arabiya, the National, and Mada Masr useful. Comments and feedback, as always, are appreciated.

Lessons from a Lost Revolution ( (my reflections on the past three years)
Oscar-nominated ‘The Square’ – how Egypt’s hope turned to fury (
I’m not a journalist – but the least I can do is salute them (Daily News Egypt)
Speaking Truth to Power (Mada Masr)
Keeping Count in A Less Than Transparent Egypt (Al-Arabiya)
Polarisation reveals faultlines of Egypt’s two opposing sides (The National)
Hindsight and Egypt’s Revolutionaries (Al-Arabiya)

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